Carlos Frías

— Winner of the Mariposa Award for best debut book
— Top 10 New Latino Authors to Watch

"Take Me With You: A Secret Search for Family in a Forbidden Cuba" | Promote Your Page Too

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Take Me With You

"Vividly descriptive and highly emotional, Frías' account will please those who know Cuban history, as well as the uninformed."
 Rocky Mountain News

"Frías' writing is emotional, his descriptions fresh."

"A poignant personal journey in a superb debut book."

Indianapolis Star

"A very moving book."

"Frías writes powerfully and chillingly... "Take Me With You" is a compelling narrative."

"Magnificent.... You don't have to be Cuban to appreciate and understand this book. The real subject of the story is family, and we all have those, whether we like it or not."

"If you're not Cuban- American, perhaps there's even more reason to dive into this honest insider's guide to the Cuban experience."

The Miami Herald

"A great contribution to the genre of autobiography/ memoir."

"Carlos Frías pulls off a stunner."

—S.L. Price, Senior Writer atSports Illustrated and author of "Pitching Around Fidel"

"'Take Me With You' really does take you with it, on an unforgettable journey ... to that mysterious, nameless part of the human soul that yearns for home."

—Carlos Eire, author of "Waiting for Snow in Havana," a 2003 National Book Award winner.

(From Simon and Schuster:)

As long as Fidel Castro was in power, Carlos Frías’ father vowed that no one in his family would ever visit to Cuba, the island country he left forty years ago.

But when Castro falls ill, Frías — an award-winning journalist and the American-born son of Cuban exiles — ask permission to see the country for himself.

Sent to Cuba by his newspaper as the country began closing to foreign reporters in August 2006, Frías begins the secret journey of a lifetime — 12 days in the land of his parents. Written through the eyes of a journalist, “Take Me With You” provides a fresh view of Cuba, devoid of overt political commentary, focusing instead on the gritty, tangible lives of the people in Cuba today. Along the way, he attempts to reconstruct what the past was like for his parents, retracing their footsteps, searching for his roots — and exploring the unexpected ripples his visit casts on his family on either side of the Florida Straits.

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